Friday, 26 September 2008

Love Song to My Church

As you may see, I composed this poem some time ago; however, it came to mind as an elegy which could fit quite well into our theme of place. I look forward to reading/seeing/hearing what creations you all have to share with us. --Dr. Wifall

Love Song to My Church

(In Memoriam Eugene Levers)

The red bricks, blue glass,
Walls in need of paint—
The old folks who give many years
Hanging evergreen wreaths,
Filling the oil,
Lighting tall white candles—
Then pass into the light.

We are all looking for the One:

Here it is to the minor tones of Bach,
Words intoned with somber restraint, and
Acts of quiet kindness.

This vein is passing away,
But its grey apostles are reaching the shores
Of the land they seek;
One by one, they are stepping over,
While the world opens up
New paths to God.

December, 2004

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