Thursday, 29 October 2009

Campaign: Save the Bowstring Bridge (a portable campaign poster)

SAVE the Bowstring Bridge!
Save the Bowstring Bridge!
Ketterick and Willmott show us the plans,
you said Leicester’s heritage
would be safe in your hands.
Flat pack bastards
you’re only in it for the money
and you ignore your public well,
I’m not being funny but you’re wanton vandals,
members of a council riddled with scandals.
Yes it’s clear that you lied
and forced THE city into cultural suicide,
you made the wrong diagnosis.
Its purely cosmetic a touch of paint and a polish,
it would cost the same to restore as it would to demolish.
Together we must stop these absurdities,
a city without heritage
is like a man without memories.
To save the BOWSTRING BRIDGE from demolition
go to the Leicester Civic Society website and sign the petition.

The Bowstring Bridge viaduct at the junction of Western Boulevard and Braunstone Gate has been a Leicester landmark since the 1890s and is now under imminent threat of demolition.
By Liam Day (DMU)

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Remembering Places said...

Dear Liam,

I love the passion here - great stuff! ... and my favourite phrase in it is "flat-pack bastards".

Thanks for posting this, Jonathan