Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Students at De Montfort

Here are just a few of the students on the "Writing Place" module at De Montfort University - taken just before Christmas.

Front row (left to right): Dan, Scott, Claire, Becky; second row (behind): Chris, Hayley, Paul, Elena, John, Nick.

Front row: Hayley; second row (left to right): Hester, Sam, Louise, Po, Kimberly; back row: Jordan, Becki, Tom, Georgia.

Front row: Graeme; second row (left to right): Tom, Alexia, Lauren, George, Nathan


Southern Belle said...

Oh my gosh it's us! Ace :D

Kelcey Parker said...

Great to "see" you! We look forward to getting back in the blogging game this semester! And to reading your work.
Kelcey Parker, IUSB