Friday, 20 February 2009

Distant City

This is work I've written in a Writing Place workshop about futuristic cities.


In the centre a clock tower stands, exhibiting time forever to the wandering souls below it, who give no care for time. But that is exactly what has happened to this city; time has affected it and still does. And with it has come many people; well-known or unnoticed, each having a role in shaping the city. Where the spaces that used to be empty, they are now taken by grand buildings; some very old, some very new; shiny or dull. But nobody notices, at least they don't seem to. Nobody sees the gargoyles and angels watching over them as they go about their businesses, how their eyes always transfix upon them.

What was famous, is now lost in the myriad of the ages. They slipped away when higher powers and latest inventions were born. God used to be with these people, but they have shunned Him away like the passing craze. What has happened to faith?

Nobody cares, not anymore; what has passed has passed. It cannot be retrieved. Like time, everyone moves forward.


By Po-Yee Pang of De Montfort University

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Jonathan Taylor said...

Dear Po,

Thanks for posting this - I love the idea of a clock / time looking down on a city - that's great. I think the piece could be expanded even further, and some of the elements clarified.

Thanks for posting this. Jonathan