Saturday, 29 January 2011

Brucie's in the Sky with Cupcakes

Ay up, you seen them paintings,
on the 'oardings down Bath Lane, by the canal?
Cartoons, like Sergeant Pepper,
'ang on, I mean Yellow Submarine.
Slap bang across from Brucie's, y'know,
'im does tea and pastries, and a pretty spanking
jammy scone and cream.

You should see them paintings,
I ain't never seen oat like 'em,
all candy pink and full-on bubblegum,
mutant pear drops, cochineal and cherry plums.
Just like Woolies' Pik 'n' Mix, before they closed.

Fizzy pop and fondant fancies,
doughy doughnuts, buns and biscuits,
still warm.
Or just a cheese 'n' onion cob, I ain't fancy.
Hey, lets go Brucie's now, I'm hungry.

Could gerra tea to go,
'ead up West Wharf and see
his piece of history, tucked away.
A kaleidoscope of colours,
psychedelic cyanosis.
Oo ya beauty,
Luigi Brucciani

by Sally Jack, DMU

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