Monday, 24 January 2011

Dear Writers in America and Hawaii and Leicester,

a belated Happy New Year 2011 to you all!

So let's turn our attention to the unique opportunity before us: the chance for students at four different universities in different parts of the world to share writings about place. These writings don't have to be polished stories, poems, memoirs; they can just as usefully be informal jottings, observations and photos that try to capture the texture of a place.

Places are so often magnets for stories, aren't they? You must all know a tale, folk legend, anecdote or urban myth about where you grew up? There must have been a place you were told not to go to, or a place that had become so wrapped in generations of telling that it has become an almost mythical focus of attention for its community? So, please introduce yourselves by posting something on the blog ASAP: either something related to where you grew up, or something about the immediate environment around you - even if it's just a photo of the view from your window ...

C'mon: participate!

Simon Perril

DMU, Leicester, England

1 comment:

Chris Gray said...

Ohh - I may have a ghostly tale from where I grew up. Do I really want to share it though?

Of course I do. But only on foggy nights where there's no knowing who's about, and one's friends could be there one moment, gone the next.