Friday, 4 February 2011

Jack and the Tree

Treading cautiously through the night,
up the hill and out of sight.
Through the graveyard, Jack did climb,
through the haunts and through the grime.

At the top, there stood a tree
high enough for all to see.
But while the people were asleep,
the tree would wake to take a peep.

People don't stay up at night
for fear the dark would come and bite.
By the time the sun has set
all were tucked up in their beds.

But one night, the tree did find
a little boy still out at nine.
Twisting his roots into the ground,
coiling his trunk, he turned around.

Poor little Jack, who was running away
was rooted on the spot and began to sway
as the mighty tree atop of the hill
began to dance and twist and twirl.

"Oh little boy, why are you awake?"
the tree said and Jack began to shake.
"Oh please, Mr. Tree, don't make me stay.
All I want to do is run far away!"

The tree took Jack's frightened hand
and led him back to his snoring land.
All night, they listened to the sleeping voices
and he taught Jack how to make scary noises.

And now every night, the villagers hear
another noise that tingles their fears;
because that is when Jack and the tree
come out for their nightly haunting spree!

By: Rosina Ellis, DMU.
A work in progress; feel free to leave feedback

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