Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Stoned Stroll


meandering urban zones

death-butts clog drains,

nicotine cake, lip stick lychees.

'They hate us ennit?'

Smoking scrubbers stare

at scribbling quills.

Trainers dangling: crack house!

Wired, wrecked, whacked.

Class A economy pushed:

'Free entry, free drinks, it's free

at the Republic tonight.

Demo frenzy on Bath Lane.

Condom slung willy-nilly

rotting seed swaying

in Leicester's castle foilage.

Razor wire, imperial bricks

piles of disco, dancing army.

'Get down with the brethran,

banging tunes.'

Electrical harzard, max headroom.

'Crusaders slaughtering.'

Fraying St George flutters

fighting the invisible

the Great Game

ensnares once again.

Lauri Cusack.

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