Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hello from South Bend, Indiana

Post by Kelcey Parker

I have to say that this blog connection feels destined. I was first put in contact with Jonathan Taylor while I was visiting my grandparents in New Jersey, which happens to be my favorite state-I-don't-live-in. Jonathan was already in touch with Rachel at St. Peter's in NJ. My parents were born and raised and married in Rahway, NJ, where I spent many days riding my bike around the neighborhood pretending to be one of the Charlie's Angels. My grandparents currently live in Barnegat, NJ (near Long Beach Island), and almost all my cousins and extended family live in NJ. I go there at least twice a year.

But when I "met" Jonathan, I was also on the cusp of my first visit to the UK! I spent nearly a week in London this summer before and after a visit to Norway, where my grandfather was born. While Norway was exhilarating in terms of familial connections, London was full of literary connections (you should have seen me dragging my sister to Virginia Woolf homes and haunts). So this summer has been very much about "place" in general--and about NJ and the UK in particular.

My students and fellow writers at IU South Bend will soon begin posting their work to the blog. I've enjoyed the work already posted, and look forward to getting to share this experience with all of you. Here are a couple pics of South Bend:

This is the building where the English Department is located.

And this is a pedestrian bridge that connects the campus of IU South Bend to new student housing on the other side. Apartments with a river view!

Here's me with Hans Christian Andersen in Copenhagen, Denmark in August.

You can find more info and pics at the IU South Bend Creative Writing blog: www.iusbcreativewriting.wordpress.com

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