Thursday, 16 October 2008


Stone cold temple,
Voices long dead echo on the inside.
Enclosed and isolated
Screeching metal reverberates off the outside.
A place for tramps and stoners
Waiting for something to change or happen.

A sanctuary of old
Submerged in a city it does not know.
Decay takes time
But time takes eternity
Once you become obsolete.

C. Stevens DMU


Remembering Places said...

Very nicely executed Charlotte: having the photo genuinely gives another dimension to the piece - and a further sense of the place being 'voiced.' Thanks for posting


Anonymous said...

One of my students mentioned in class that she really liked this particular piece. The photo is perfect.

~Kelcey Parker, IUSB

Jonathan Taylor said...

Dear Charlotte - a very strong piece, well done.

Thanks, Jonathan