Thursday, 16 October 2008

What Is It?

Don’t you think its time to let your mind go?
Let it go on an adventure,
if only for a second.

What do you want from reading this poem?
To allow your eyes to close--
And slip far away,
into this thing you people call…

What do you call it
when, just as you fall asleep,
you become someone
or something else
with a new name
with a new everything?

At the end of this night, you’ll drift off.
Fade away and enter a whole new world,
where every thought has chance to escape.

This is a dream…


Jonathan Taylor said...

Hi there, please can you let us know who posted / wrote this?

There's a real sense for form here - I think that perhaps it just needs a more concrete sense of place or imagery.

Thanks for posting! Jonathan

Jonathan Taylor said...

Oh, sorry, I've just seen that it's written by you, Hester - thanks again for posting this. Jonathan