Thursday, 5 November 2009

Castle Witch Hedge

Here is a piece inspierd by this photo sent to me by my writing friend Alex. He is from the Netherlands and lives near this castle. I've never seen it in real but I decided to write this story based on the place

Hidden by bramble, ivy growing fast
The last reminder of a time long past
A time when kings ruled the land
And knights did save the maidens grand
A time of witches, goblins and ghouls,
Court jesters, those complete fools
A time of fairies, sprites and the good
Those who spent their time hiding in this wood
The woods at the castle of Witch Hedge
Where people do not far to edge
This time where mythical beasts roam
A land which I do call my home
In a time when the castle did stand tall
Its stone bricks, stronger than them all
One day I know it had die
And with it, a solumn goodbye
Yet I could not leave my one true home
So I do stay in each catacomb,
Each night, frightening away those who
try to take the old and make it new
I stay here and knock on walls,
Tapping out my calls,
The Castle Witch Hedge

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