Thursday, 5 November 2009

Where I like to go....

Without much thought I find myself wrapped in the ballooning folds of cloth,
Their warmth and protection enveloping me like a small child.
The smell of Surf, Narcisso and a few stale vodkas engulf me and I’m home;
Away from the madness and screened from the wild.

Two pillows; both lumpy and greying from wear and tear-
But nonetheless still the best two pillows I’ve ever had,
Travelled from city to city to be with me because I couldn’t bear to leave them behind
And the springs let me know that I’m away from others and I’m glad.

A dull light streams in through the window and lets me know there’s still day left,
And the cars driving passed so regularly are like a mother’s lullaby.
But there is a still silence in my room . Everything I own stands to attention
Waiting for me to use them... but here I still lie.

The creak of the frame as I turn over to block out the day
Tired and moody I’m met by a furry friend, proclaiming its Love for me
And with the bear’s fur gently stroking my face and tickling my nose
I fall asleep...slowly...and gradually.

Ellis Irwin, DMU

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