Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The walk

...The blinding light.
Waking up and walking to a lesson
After a night of fun and frolics
Just isn’t fun and laughter.
Everything is everywhere.
The sun and the ground merge in my
Head causing a vortex of colours, meshing
With Blues, blacks, indigos and greys.
The dull colours of England shine through
The Immense headache which I’m trying to walk
Past as it corners me on the road.
The chewing gum constellations on the floor seem
More interesting then they have ever appeared before.
The cars whizz past me, as workers last minute teas and
Coffees are ordered...I should have joined them.
The headlights of passing cars stay in my focus even
After they have left. I stop for a second.
Staring at me on the floor was the aftermath of the night
I ponder on what drink THAT must have been...time was ticking...
Tick tick tick...late late late.
The graffiti monsters have been at it again
Tick Tick Tick.
Razor fences catch my eye subsequently causing me
To pause.
Tick Tick Tick.
The door of my lecture stares me down, and beckons me inside.
Im late.

Ameena Iqbal, DMU

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